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How to Make a Candy Gram: Craft Ideas and Sayings

Turn a loved one's favorite candy into a candy gram.
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Want to send a candy gram message to a secretary, co-worker, teacher, spouse, neighbor or even your child? You know, just a little something extra to let someone in your life know you're thinking of him? A candy gram combines your message with a sweet treat for the recipient. For a minimal cost, you can make your own.

Things You'll Need:

  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Paper Or Index Card
  • Tape
  • Ribbon (Optional)
  • Plastic Storage Bag Or Clear Gift Bag

Select a bag of the recipient's favorite candy. If you're not certain what her favorite is, select one you know you've seen her have before or ask one of her other friends.

Craft your message to tie your sentiment to the type of candy you've chosen.

Sample phrases and candies for a boss or co-worker include: Almond Joy -- "It's no secret. Working with you is a real 'joy.'" Chocolate Eggs -- "You're an 'egg'straordinary co-worker." Crunch Bar -- "Thanks for your help. You always come through in a 'crunch!'" Extra Gum -- "Thanks for going that 'extra' mile." Mints -- "I 'mint' to tell you earlier, thanks for all you do."

Sample phrases and candies for a pastor, neighbor or friend include: Peach Candy -- "You're peachy keen. Thanks for your help." Strawberry Candy -- "You're the 'berry' best." Life Savers -- "You are a real lifesaver. Thanks." Mints -- "I 'mint' to tell you earlier. Thanks for being there." Mounds Bar -- "Thanks for the mounds of help you've offered me." Orange Slices -- "No matter how you slice it, I'm glad to have you as a neighbor."

Some ideas for a spouse, child or significant other include: Sucker -- "I'm a real sucker for you." Peanuts -- "I'm nuts over you." Orange Slices -- "No matter how you slice it, I love you." Mints -- "I 'mint' to tell you sooner, you're wonderful." Bubble Gum -- "I'm stuck on you." Gummy Bears -- "You're 'beary' special to me." Life Savers -- "You're a real lifesaver." Strawberry Candy -- "You're one of the 'berry' best."

Put the treats in a plastic storage bag or clear gift bag. Write your message or candy gram saying in marker on the paper or index card you've chosen. Cut the paper to fit the size of your package. (If you have scrapping scissors you can use, this will add a nice touch.) Use tape to secure the message on the candy package.

Add ribbon or stickers to the candy gram, if you choose, to dress it up.

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