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Fun Projects With Cheerios

Simple Cheerios can be turned into many crafts.
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Big "G" -- little "o" -- "Go with Cheerios." Go with this simple cereal and make the most adorable craft items with your children. From decorations they can gift to items they can wear, children will enjoy using these versatile little crunchy circles to make an array of crafts.

Mosaic Masterpiece

It's amazing -- what you can do with Cheerios and glue.
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What do you get when you combine a little bit of white glue, some construction paper, water with food coloring and a whole bunch of Cheerios? The answer: a mosaic that goes "crunch."

Help your little one draw a simple picture (like a flower) on a sturdy piece of construction paper. Then help her dye her Cheerios mosaic pieces with a quick dunk in a bowl of water colored with food dye. Finish by gluing the cereal rounds to the paper to make a mosaic masterpiece.

Edible Jewelry

Color your Cheerios to make interesting edible jewelry.
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Who could resist a little "bling" for their neck or wrist? How much better it would be if you could eat it whenever you got hungry. Here's the perfect craft for you. Use cheap dental floss to string up flavored Cheerios (for multiple colors) in various lengths.

Create long strands for necklaces and smaller strands for bracelets. Just make sure your youngsters eat them before they go to bed. You won't want them to be rolling in cereal bits overnight.

Decorate a Turkey Apple

Create a turkey apple with Cheerios that would make the big bird proud.
Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images

A perfect Thanksgiving would be to create a small turkey made of a fresh apples, toothpicks, Cheerios, marshmallows and gum drops.

Use an apple as the turkey body. Then add a fan of toothpicks to resemble tail feathers. Add stacks of Cheerios to the toothpicks and top off each Cheerios tail feather with a gum drop. Use a single marshmallow for the turkey's head and two gum drops for the feet for this Thanksgiving craft.

Cereal Holly Wreaths

Create a Cheerios version of a holly wreath.
Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images

Visit the Betty Crocker recipe website for complete instructions on how to make Cheerios cereal holly wreaths. Use melted candy to make your cereal sticky and you can mold it into a wreath form.

Just add a few cinnamon candies for the red holly berry and you're good to go. Not only will these little treats be pretty to look at -- but they'll be fun to eat at the same time.

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