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Cheap Bingo Gifts

bingo image by claudio from Fotolia.com

Bingo is a game that excited both young and old. Even preschoolers can play as long as they can recognize letters and numbers. It's a perfect for school fundraisers, or as an activity at a family reunion or a church social. Whether you pay to play, or get a card for free, everyone wants a prize when they yell "Bingo!" With just a little planning, you can come up with interesting bingo gifts without spending a ton of money.

Baskets of Goodies

Fill a basket with themed prizes, such as the Italian Dinner Special. Put in a package of spaghetti, a jar of pasta sauce, red-and-white-checked paper napkins and a wedge of good Parmesan cheese.

Or try a basket stuffed with a package of microwave popcorn, a couple of bags of candy and a DVD of a G-rated film, and call it Family Night at the Movies.

Cheap bubble bath, a paperback novel and a candle is a basket of Indulgence. Most thrift stores and dollar stores will have a selection of the cheap baskets for you to fill.

Magazine subscriptions

Check for the lowest price for magazines subscriptions. There are magazines that will suit anyone's interest that have a minimal subscription fee. Buy one issue of a general interest magazine, and when someone wins, they get that month's issue, plus a year's subscription.

Pennies, nickels and dimes

Give out rolls of coins. Depending on your budget, the winner could receive one roll of nickels ($2.00), one roll of dimes ($5.00) or a roll of quarters ($10.00).

Brown Bag It

Shop dollar stores, thrift stores and other bargain sources for small prizes--such as lip balm, travel-sized grooming products, candles, notebooks, pens, calendars and frames. Pick up bags of small chocolate bars and hard candies. Fill each of the brown bags with different sets of the small prizes and candies. Tape the bags shut, then let the winner choose her own surprise prize bag.

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