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Games to See How Well You Know Your Co-workers

See how well your employees know each other with fun office games.
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Games at staff meetings and holiday functions can bring co-workers together. When planning a meeting or gathering for employees, you can organize a few games to see how well your employees know one another. From bingo games to trivia contests, you can award prizes like gift cards and office supplies to the players who know the most about their co-workers.

Bingo Games

Make a bingo card with attributes about all the employees. Some examples include “Loves to buy purses,” “Has several tattoos,” “Wears contacts,” “Coaches a baseball team” and “Is a twin.” Give each employee a bingo card. He must write down the name of each co-worker he thinks fits an attribute. The first player to get five correct answers in a row wins the game. Another idea is to make the players fill out the complete card. They cannot win until they have the correct co-worker’s name is each bingo square. Alternatively, have them play in teams of two or three.


Create a hunt using items from employee offices. For example, if an employee has a special statue or picture of her kid in her office, take that to hide. Hide all the items around the room. Call out an employee’s name and everyone except that employee must try to find the item from her office. Another idea is to hide certain food or drinks the employees love. If an employee drinks a lot of a certain brand of soda, hide that bottle of soda. When you call out that employee’s name, the co-workers must find the bottle of soda. The co-worker who finds the most correct items wins the game.

Funny Games

Before the meeting or gathering, take a picture of several co-workers body parts. For example, take a picture of the back of someone’s head, a picture of someone’s leg, a hand and someone’s tattoo. Give each employee a sheet of paper and show the pictures to them one at a time. The employee who guesses the most co-workers body parts correctly wins the game. Another idea is to take pictures of the employees’ office space or cubicle. Have the players guess who works in that space. The player who answers the most correctly wins the game.

Trivia Contests

Organize a trivia game with questions about all the employees. Ask questions like “Who is a diehard Dale Earnhardt fan?” “Which employee decorates her office with several snowmen for the holidays?” and “Who has traveled to more than 20 states?” Give the employees a sheet of paper to write down the answers. The employee who answers the most questions correctly wins the game and a prize. Another idea is to have two employees face off at a time with a trivia question. The player who answers the question first wins a prize.

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