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Fun Games for Small Groups of Women

The next time you get a group of your female friends together, have fun playing some games.
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Numerous opportunities can arise for gathering a small group of female friends together to socialize. This might include a professional group from work, or a group of old school friends or just a group of women from the neighborhood. When you get together, play games that range from intellectually stimulating ones to ones that are based on pure luck.

What's In The Purse

Before your get together, create a list of items that you think might be in your friend's purses. Assign points to each of the items, with higher point values being items you think are less likely for your guests to have in their purses. Once each guest has arrived, give her a copy of the list. Give her five minutes to find as many items in her purse that she can that are on the list. After five minutes, score the items each women finds based on the values on the list. The woman with the most points is the winner.

M&M Personal Trivia

Find out about your friends' social lives by creating a list of questions. Instead of just going down the list, assign each one to a color of M&M candies. As your guests arrive, ask them to take as many M&M's as they wish, but not to eat them yet. Once everyone has been seated, tell the women they must each answer a question based on the color of M&M's they chose. Some might only have one color, such as orange, and only have to answer the orange question. Others might have to answer numerous questions if they chose M&M's of various colors. The questions can range from tame ones, such as "What was the last movie you saw," to adventurous ones, such as "when was the last time you had sex."

Clothes Exchange Game

Ask your friends to bring over several items of clothing they no longer want to your next game night. Write the numbers from one to the number of guests you have playing the game on pieces of paper and place them in a hat. Each woman draws a number. That chooses the "shopping order." Each of the guests then places her items on a table in the middle of the room. The ladies then choose one item from the table, going in the shopping order. Guests are not required to take an item. Any leftover items can be donated to charity.

I've Never Done That

Ask each of your guests to bring a $10 roll of quarters to the party. Place a bowl in the middle of the table that you are sitting at. The hostess starts announcing an activity that she has never done. Any of the other guests that have done that activity must place a quarter into the bowl. If a guest claims she has never done something, but someone else reminds her that she actually did, the woman that denied she did it must pay two quarters instead of one. The game continues in a clockwise pattern around the table, each woman announcing something she has never done. The last woman with money remaining is the winner and collects all the quarters in the bowl. To avoid carrying a bag of quarters home, the host may offer to exchange the quarters for the equivalent bill denominations for the winner.

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