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Icebreaker Games for a Women's Gathering

Prepare entertaining games to break the ice at a women's gathering.
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When hosting a social, political or entertainment gathering for for women, make sure to plan a few icebreaker games to loosen everyone up and get them mingling. Icebreakers are a good way to introduce newcomers, which can help the women get to know each other and make new friends. A few supplies and some game ideas are all you need to get started.

Purse Game

Divide the women into two teams. If you have a large group, create three or four teams. Give each team a small basket or box and a list of random items a woman might find in her purse. The list can include things such as a coffee shop card, coupons, nail clippers, a tube of lipstick, safety pins, dental floss and a piece of candy. Set a timer for three minutes and have the women find as many items on the list as possible. The team who finds the most items wins the game.

T-Shirt Game

Tell the women to bring their favorite t-shirts to the gathering and have them sit in a circle with the shirts in their laps. Go around the room and have each woman hold up her shirt and talk about it. She must explain why that shirt is her favorite, as well as when and where she acquired it. For example, the shirts could include one from the company for which a woman works and one with the name of another woman's favorite band or musical group.

Birthday Game

Play the birthday game by telling the women they must find another woman with the closest birthday to their own, based on only the month and day. Once a woman finds the other group member with the birthday closest to her own, they must find two more things they have in common. The first pair of women to complete this win the game. Allow the other women a chance to continue mingling. After everyone has a “birthday partner,” have each pair of women introduce themselves and talk about the two things they have in common.

Shoe Game

As the women arrive at the party, have each take off her shoes, place one in a pile in the middle of the room and hold on to the other. Once the pile is complete, tell each woman to grab a second shoe from the pile that's not her own. After each woman has a shoe, she must walk around the room looking for the woman with a matching shoe. When she finds the shoe’s owner, that woman must ask her three questions to retrieve her shoe. After everyone completes this task, have them sit in a circle. Each woman can share what she learned with the rest of the group.

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