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Fun Games to Play at a Married Couples Gathering

Playing married couples games helps your guests get to know one another.
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If you thought games were just for kids, you probably haven't been to a party where married couples games are played. Playing games at a party with married couples is a great way to break the ice, especially if you don't know all the guests. Most are variations of games played in other parties, but ar suited to a gathering with married couples, and are still just as fun to play.

Famous Couples

Famous couples is a simple game that can be prepared ahead of time.
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This is a simple game you can prepare ahead of time. It can be played individually or couples can play as a team. Create a list of famous married couples and print out copies of the list with the names of either the husband or the wife left out, or a mixture of both. The list can be as long as you like and may include real or fictional characters. For example; the first person on the list might be John Travolta and the next is Angelina Jolie. Give each of your guests the list of names and have them complete the list by filling in the blanks beside the famous person. Whoever fills in the most correct answers in a given time wins the game.

Who are We?

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In the game, "Who Are We?" pass out index cards ask each of the couples to write down facts about themselves, which are now known to everyone, on each index card. For example; a couple may write, "We honeymooned in Bali." You can make the game as short or as long as you like, depending on how many facts you want each couple to write. When all the couples are finished, they should return the index cards to you. Read each of the cards out loud and have the couples guess which couple the fact is about. This is a great game for friends to find out things they never knew about each other.

Sing Along

Sing a song with a chosen work in the lyrics.
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Write wedding-related words on pieces of paper. Some words you can use are flowers, chapel, groom, bride, wife, marriage, church, knot, dance, dress and kiss. Divide your guests into teams and place the pieces of paper in a jar. Each team takes a turn choosing a piece of paper from the jar. The couples should sing a song that has the word they chose in the lyrics. The couple that's able to sing the most songs based on the words they chose wins the game. To make the game a little more difficult, each person in the team sings a song based, on the word he or she chooses.

Complete the Sentence

Try to fill in each other's sentences.
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Before the party, prepare two sets of complete-the-sentence phrases for each of the couples to answer. Hand each of your guests a copy of a list of these phrases and have each of them fill in the blanks or answer the questions without looking at each other's answers. Some things you can include in the questionnaire are, "My husband's/wife's favorite movie is," "My mother-in-law's birthday is" and "Our first kiss was on." The answers are shared at the end of the game and usually get a lot of laughs, especially when the answers don't match up. The couple or individual with the most correct number of answers wins.

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