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Fun Women's Retreat Game Ideas

Play fun games at your next women's retreat.
Danses bretonnes image by Francis Lempérière from Fotolia.com

A women’s retreat allows a woman to build friendships, spend time focusing on herself and relieve stress. Retreat themes can include fitness, spiritual and romantic needs of participants. Games can break the ice, helping newcomers make new friends and getting everyone involved in the retreat.

Candy Game

Purchase a bag of Skittles or M&Ms for this game. Write a chart of color-coded questions, such as red for "What is your first name?" yellow for "What brings you to the retreat?" and orange for "What are you looking to get out of this experience?" Have the women sit in a circle and pass around the candy bag. Each woman closes her eyes, pulls out one piece of candy, and must answer the question that goes with the color candy she pulled out of the bag. Keep playing until everyone has gone at least two or three times.

Get in Order

Divide the women into two even teams. Tell the women you are going to yell out something, such as shoe size, first name or height, and the entire group lines up in that order. The women must work together to line up correctly. The first team to line up correctly wins the game.

Toilet Paper

Have the women sit in a circle, and hand one woman a roll of toilet paper. Tell the women this is the only roll of toilet paper available and they will need to take what they think they will use. Let each one get some toilet and then explain the rules. They must now share something about themselves for each square of toilet paper they took. Therefore, if a woman tore off 10 squares, she must tell 10 things about herself.

Purse Bingo

All women must have their purse to use for this game. You will call out items that are normally found in a woman’s purse. If a woman has the item in her purse, she can remain standing; if she does not, she must sit down. Items to call out include keys, checkbook, wallet, fingernail file, mirror, brush and lipstick. The last woman standing wins the game.

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