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Fun Games for Women's Group Meetings

Fun games to play at a Christian women fellowship.
games image by Patrizier-Design from Fotolia.com

Women’s groups gather for fun to relax or spend time thoughtfully discussing life issues. These group meetings involve food, fun and laughter. Group games may help shy women relax and create friendships. Play games that help women identify similarities and values. Whether the event is a bridal shower or Bible study group, women will learn about themselves with interactive games.

Handbag Bingo

Handbag Bingo is a game for women to play at any social event. The game could be used as an icebreaker to loosen up guests at a bridal shower. Handbag Bingo requires a full sheet of paper for each person consisting of bingo squares. Every woman at the event takes items out of her bag and places them on the bingo squares. Women may have bobby pins, pennies, gum, glasses and credit cards in their handbags. The goal of the game is for each person to remove an item from their card when it is called by the moderator. The first person with an empty row wins. Women should enjoy laughs and friendly competition in Handbag Bingo.

Lingerie Party Games

Lingerie party games are for women’s group meetings, showers or a girl’s night out. The Honeymoon Panties game requires a pack of white underwear in the guest of honor’s size. Guests decorate the underwear with cute and naughty messages in markers. The guest of honor models the underwear over her clothing. Scratch and Model is another lingerie party game for women to play. It requires guests to purchase sexy underwear in the guest of honor’s size. Guests must also purchase a $1 lotto ticket. Both items are placed in a brown paper bag. The guest of honor must play the lotto ticket and if she loses, she has to model the underwear over her clothing.

Shopping Spree

Guests at a women’s group meeting participate in wishful thinking for this game. The women are instructed that they have a $50 gift card to spend on anything. They write as many items as they think they can order with the free money. The woman who orders the most items without going over $50 wins the game. (Guests can’t use discount stores or dollar stores in their selections.) This game can be more exciting by giving the winner a real gift card for $50 or another amount.

Queen of the World

Upon entering the room, women receive a 3 x 5 index card. Each woman is instructed to write five laws she would create if she were made queen of the world. Remind the women that whatever laws they create would have to be followed by everyone. This game produces laughter when the moderator reads the different laws allowed. Some possible laws may be, “Men are allowed to speak only between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m.” or “Football is illegal.”

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