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Scrapbooking Dedication Ideas

A scrapbook is a thoughtful gift because it captures wonderful memories and is created with love specifically for a person or occasion. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to ideas about dedicating a scrapbook. Don't just rely on birthdays and anniversaries to motivate you. Use a dedication page to express your theme and why you wanted to make this special book just for this special person.

For Women

Women love keepsakes made with love. A scrapbook can be dedicated to a newborn baby with the pregnancy highlighted in the front with pages while the rest of the book is waiting to be filled with new memories. They can be given on Mother's Day or for birthdays to celebrate a wonderful year and show appreciation for all mom does. High school and college girls can remember that special spring-break trip or those late-night study cram sessions with creative pages that combine photos of friends with school memorabilia or vacation keepsakes.

For Men

There is no reason to not think about guys when it comes to scrapbooking. They have memories they like to remember too. Create a barbecue scrapbook with dad's favorite weekend recipes and favorite sauce labels. You can make a sports book covering the many sports your guy loves all year long, or make a special team dedication book. Include key game scores, rules and trivia as part of the design. If your guy is involved in sports, catch him in the act and add team logos and any local write-ups you can find in the paper. These are gifts that you can give for Father's Day, birthdays, homecoming or to celebrate a promotion.

For Couples

Wedding and anniversary scrapbooks go without saying; couples love looking over their engagement, wedding and wonderful moments together. Beyond this, think about scrapbooks that tie both sides of a young couples family together. A book with his parents, siblings and grandparents along with hers can create a sense of unity in a new marriage. Help grandparents celebrate their lineage with a grandchild scrapbook, keeping the past integrated with the present. Use old and new photographs to compare little Joey's eyes to Grandpa John's. This is an especially wonderful treat for grandparents who live a great distance from their grandchildren.

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