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How to Make a Campaign Poster for Kids

Dale Davidson/Demand Media

Student council elections are a useful way for kids to learn the business of politics. If your child is running for office, one way you can get involved is by helping him make a campaign poster. Your child doesn't have to get hundreds printed out and hang them on every mailbox and signpost. All she needs to do is make five or 10 and hang them in the school hallways.

Things You'll Need:

  • Poster Board
  • Pencil
  • Markers
  • Computer Paper
Dale Davidson/Demand Media

Create a campaign slogan for the poster. It can be as simple as “Vote for Kyle” or it can be more creative, such as “Erin is darin’ you to vote for her.” Creative slogans can get more attention, but don’t get too crazy. Tell your child to stay away from making campaign promises he can’t keep, such as an extra hour of recess. Check the link in the Resources section for ideas if you’re stumped.

Dale Davidson/Demand Media

Decide if you’d like an image on the poster. If the school is large, you might to use a picture of your child so people know who she is. You could go with an icon that represents the school to show that he has school spirit, or an image that reinforces the campaign slogan.

Dale Davidson/Demand Media

Sketch out your poster design on a smaller sheet of paper before putting it on poster board. Have your child help you and incorporate her ideas. Once you’ve both decided you like it, it’s time to transfer it.

Dale Davidson/Demand Media

Draw your final design on your sheet of poster board. Go over all lines in marker to be sure they can be seen from afar. Add color where needed and let the poster dry. Now you can photocopy it if you wish to make more.


Try to incorporate the school's colors into the poster.

You can make several posters with different designs. They don’t have to be identical.

If you don’t want to draw a poster you can create one on the computer using any number of graphics programs or even Microsoft Word. Just save your file and take it to an office supply store to get it printed out poster size. Or scan the small image you made in Step 3 and have it enlarged and printed there.


  • Never post photos of your child or posters with his or her full name on them outside of school.
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