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Christian Party Games for Women

Christian women like to play party games as much as anyone.
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Christian party games break the ice and engage your guests, creating an atmosphere of joyful laughter and fellowship. When Christian women gather for a party, they appreciate games to challenge their knowledge and interpretations of Scripture. These games also entertain guests and illuminate their shared Christian values. Gather your guests, and relax them with an ice breaker game to help your guests get to know each other. Change any secular game to fit you and your guests' Christian interests. Enjoy the company of like-minded women as they come together for a couple of hours of fellowship.

Ten Commandments Ice Breaker

Use the Ten Commandments to break the ice at a Christian party.
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Break the ice with a Ten Commandments activity. Before the party, write the Ten Commandments on a poster board and place it where everyone can see. Read each commandment aloud. Each woman takes a turn briefly sharing which commandment has the most meaning to her at this time in her life. Give each guest a small gift, such as a scented candle or an inexpensive rosary.

Bible Charades

Give game winners small Christian icons.
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The Bible recognizes women's accomplishments from the Book of Genesis to Revelation. Play a game of Women in the Bible Charades to challenge your guest's knowledge of Scripture. Divide guests into pairs. Provide female characters from the Bible, such as Sarah, Esther, Deborah, Mary of Nazareth and Mary Magdalene. Give the winning team a small icon of the Virgin Mary or of Jesus. Local Catholic or Christian book stores usually carry inexpensive, yet lovely icons.

Christian Truth or Dare

A game of Christian Truth or Dare appeals to Christian women's faith as well as to their playfulness. Write a selection of Christian-oriented Truth questions and playful Dares. Christian Truth questions might include, "If you had to steal to feed your family, what would you do," "Why did you choose to be baptized?" "If you met Jesus today, what would you ask him about your life?" Entertaining dares might include singing "Amazing Grace," hopping around the room, and giving each guest a hug.

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