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Valentine Party Games for Teens

Your Valentine party games may provide an opportunity for shy guests to interact with each other.

As one of the most romantic holidays during the year, Valentine's Day offers an opportunity for people to celebrate with current or possible significant others. If you are a teen, you may be too young for dates, or you may prefer a group setting to honor St. Valentine. If you opt for the latter, you can host a Valentine party and engage in some fun party games to celebrate the occasion.

I Love You

When kids are preteens, they rarely have the desire for anything other than platonic relations with other kids; they probably think kissing someone is icky. However, when kids hit their teen years, puberty takes over, and they start liking people in more of a romantic way. However, approaching the objects of their desires may be downright scary.

You can play an ice breaker Valentine game that will help your guests become comfortable expressing their thoughts and provide some laugh-out-loud moments in the process. Have at least 6 players (both male and female) sit in a circle. Select 1 player to be "it" and have him stand in the circle's center. He proceeds to pick a player from the circle. He stands in front of her and says to her, in any funny manner he likes, "I love you, I love you, won't you please smile?"

The person sitting then replies, "You know that I love you, but I just can't smile." She must say it without smiling. If she says it with a smile, she becomes "it" and chooses her own player to stand by and address.

Who Am I?

Teens usually keep up on pop culture romances, both real-life and fictional. You can test their knowledge by playing a Valentine edition of "Who Am I?" When guests arrive, stick the names of famous couples/duos on their backs and have them mingle and ask fellow guests questions to figure out the identity of the couple's name on their backs. Players ask fellow guests one question, for which the answer must only be yes or no. The first person to identify herself wins the game.

Other Games

A person's hormones usually start racing in his teens, so he may enjoy a Valentine game of "Name That Hunk Or Hottie." Paste pictures of female and male heartthrobs you snipped from a magazine (at least 15 to 20) onto cardboard and display them on a table. Have guests write down as many as they can identify within 30 seconds; the winner is the guest with the most correct answers.

Teens with raging hormones still may be shy around other teens. To give them a chance to keep a close eye on others without freaking them out, play "Steal My Heart." Start the game by attaching 10 heart stickers to each guest's shirt. Every time a person is caught crossing her legs, she loses a sticker to the person who caught her. Even if she loses all her hearts, she still can participate by stealing other guests' hearts. The player with the most hearts at the end of the party wins a small prize.

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