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Fun Night Games for Teens

Encourage interaction by playing games at a teenage birthday party.
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Teenagers often have ideas of their own for entertainment when they get together. If you have a teenage party to supervise, and you want to keep the event lively but somewhat organized, provide the teens with some games they can play at night. The games, whether played indoors or outdoors, often allow the teens to enjoy a bit of a fright as well as a few chuckles as they get to know one another better.

Stay Still Statues

Select two players to play the "tour guide" and the "tourist." All other players become the statues. Position the statues in one room. The tourist and the tour guide stand outside the room and count to 30 while the statues position themselves. Once 30 seconds has elapsed, the light in the room goes out and the tour guide and tourist peruse the room with a flashlight. They go through the room trying to make the statues move or laugh without touching them. Any statue caught moving or making noise gets eliminated. The last statue remaining wins the game.

Ghost in the Graveyard

One player of the group, the ghost, heads to the back yard and finds a hiding spot as the other teens all count to 100. When the time is up, the teens all head outside to find the ghost. When a player finds the ghost, he yells out, "Ghost in the graveyard," to warn the other players. Everyone then races to get to the designated safety point, which can be anything from a tree to a lounge chair. The first person tagged by the ghost becomes the new ghost and the game continues.

Scary Story Contest

Nighttime serves as the perfect time for telling scary stories. Give all the players a slip of paper and tell them to write the opening line to a scary story. This can be anything from the typical "It was a dark and foggy night" to "You never know what can happen with a pair of shoes." Place the papers inside a bowl and pass it around the circle. The players all take turns telling a scary story using the opening line to begin the story. The person with the best story as voted on by the group wins.

Death Wink

Assemble the group into a standing circle. Pass around enough playing cards to each player so everyone gets a card. One player out of the group receives a Joker card. This means he's the "murderer." Throughout the game, the murderer has to very subtly wink at other players to "kill" them. Once a player receives a wink, she waits five seconds and then dramatically falls to the ground "dead." Players have to try to figure out who the murderer is before everyone has died. Anyone who guesses incorrectly gets eliminated from the game. The player to guess correctly becomes the new murderer.

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