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Ideas for a Short Homemade Film

You can create homemade movies for your family to enjoy.
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The movie industry is a large market that creates a number of films each year. With personal recording devices families can now make short homemade films in their own locations. Short homemade films can also allow a child to explore his creative ideas. These movies can feature a variety of ideas and different topics.

Movie Spinoff

A family can create a short homemade film by taping re-enactments of their favorite scenes from movies. For example, if a child wants to play out a scene from Disney’s Cinderella, the family could record the moment for later viewing. It’s important that these homemade movies are never used for profit because the creating organization would have exclusive rights to the product. Another idea would be to create these movie-spinoff home movies during Halloween when young children are dressed up as their favorite cartoon and movie characters.

Mystery Movie

Mystery movies are a topic that could be created using homemade short films. For example, the parents can entertain a birthday party by writing a short mystery of the lost dog and helping the children solve the problem. The adults in the house could help by acting as characters with clues during the film. Make A Movie Studios offers a number of scripts that parents can use for birthday parties, sleepovers or other events to entertain a number of children. Once the scenes are acted out and the mystery solved, everyone can watch the film from start to finish for their enjoyment.

Sports Movie

Families can use sports to create homemade short films. For example, the parents and children can re-enact exciting moments from past sports games that they watched together. Allow the children to act as the superstar athlete who scored the big basket or hit the winning home run. Parents can also create their own stories about their children as athletes and video tape them acting out the part. Video tapping your child participating in organized sports and then using computer programs such as Final Cut Pro to create a video montage could also serve as short sports homemade films.

Science Fiction Films

Science fiction films can serve as a topic matter for short homemade films. Parents and other adults can create a short script for the children to act out. Have the child play parts as astronauts landing on a new planet and coming into contact with aliens. Items from around the house, such as empty cardboard boxes, can be used to create a space ship or other props. Make A Movie Studios offers a number of pre-written scripts that parents can purchase and download.

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