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How to Play a Family Feud Game

Designate a scorekeeper to help the game stay organized.
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Family Feud is an engaging game to play at Thanksgiving, Christmas or any time you have 10 or more family members gathered together for a party. Your family will laugh at the goofy answers and learn even more about each other through this game. Putting the game together takes a little bit of time, but is not complicated.

Gather together nine Family Feud-style questions, answers and how many people gave each answer. Four of those questions will be used for regular round, and five questions will be used for the "fast money" round. Pay attention to how many people gave each answer so you will be able to keep track of the points. Gather the questions and answers by watching the game on TV and writing them down or by using the online game.

Write the answers on one side of the poster board and the points that correspond to each next to them. One poster board is used for each round except fast money. Keep the questions written on your note cards.

Cut out strips from the colored poster board to cover up the answers written on the white poster board. Tape the colored pieces or staple them over the answers so no one can see them, but so that you can easily rip off the strip when the person calls out the right answer.

Write out the "fast money" questions and answers on the note cards only. You can just tell the group members how many points they got for their answers and add them up.

Note the points for each round. Rounds one and two count normally. In round three, double the points. In round four, triple the points. The team with the most points at the end of round four wins.

Select an outgoing member of the family to serve as "host," who will ask the questions and keep the game moving along. You may want to do this yourself, since you are familiar with the questions and rules. Select another person to serve as official scorekeeper.

Explain the rules of the game. Assemble two teams of five players each. One player from each team comes up to the podium at a time and whoever gets the highest point answer gets to pass or play. Each team gets three strikes before the other team is given a chance to steal. The team with the most points at the end of round four gets to go to the next round

Play the "fast money" round. Two players are chosen from the five on the team to play and one must be sent to another room where he cannot hear the answers given by the first player. If the two players together earn 200 points, they win.

Hand out prizes. These prizes don't have to be anything expensive. Simple fake medals or other toys or little items with family significance.

Things You'll Need:

  • Poster board (6 sheets, 4 white, 2 any color)
  • Black marker
  • Note cards
  • Tape or stapler
  • Two long tables (optional)
  • Podium (optional)
  • Prizes


Create a trophy and make the game a traditional annual event, with the trophy rotating between winning teams each year.


  • Don't fight. This is a fun family game. Encourage each other and respect all the answers given, even if some are a little off the wall.
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