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Cool Skit Ideas

Performing a skit is entertaining for others.
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Whether you are planning a skit alone or with a group, it can be an entertaining way to show others your acting skills and wit. Skits are short plays or performances that one or several people can perform in front of an audience, video camera or just for themselves. Writing and learning a skit takes time and practice. Props and costumes can be used but are not necessary.

Fun Skits

Skits that are done for fun are usually part of a group activity at camp, a family reunion or classroom activity. Participants are given a theme and are expected to put together a skit in a short time using what skills they possess and a lot of quick thinking and imagination. The actors get little or no time to rehearse. This type of skit draws on group spirit and sudden inspiration, and it shows off the raw talent of the participants who have had almost no time to prepare. These impromptu acts can be tremendously diverting to watch.

Talent Show Skits

Skits can be put together and performed in a talent show. Most talent shows are competitions, so the skit needs to be as compelling as possible to win the prize. Since skits can include all aspects of performing, the options are wide open for singing, dancing and acting, as well as including props and costumes. Funny skits are quite entertaining and tend to get many votes, as do dramatic skits that drive a point across to the audience. Since talent shows are announced well in advance, the participants have ample time to write, practice and come up with props and costumes for the skit they will perform.

Skits for Learning

Some skits are put on for others to learn a lesson or a skill. For example teachers may put on a skit for students showing the different outcomes for students who study and students who do not. Another example is teaching a skill to others. As a leader of a sales team, you may choose to put on a skit of how to close a sale smoothly or how to greet a customer. You might also show how not to do these. Skits for learning are effective because they show others visually what to do and what not to do in different situations.

Skits that Mock

Putting on a skit that mocks a real life situation can teach, entertain or both. Mocking skits can be used in any category of skits. Mocking a favorite teacher, camp counselor or popular television show will be appreciated by one and all, if it's done lightheartedly. Skits that mock real life situations are quite entertaining and tend to keep the attention of the audience.

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