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How to Organize a Talent Show

Two girls performing song in school talent show.

Talent shows can be a lot of fun, but they can also be a lot of work. If you're in charge of organizing a talent show, there are a few things that you can do to make your job go a bit smoother. With a bit of good organization and scheduling, you can organize a talent show that will knock the socks off your audience.

Set up a schedule. The key to organizing a talent show is to have a good game plan. Sit down and decide what needs to be done, and how long each step will take. You'll need to set aside time to audition possible talent for the show, decorate the stage and do several dress rehearsals before opening night. Always allot yourself more time than you think you'll actually need.

Space out your talent. When you organize a talent show, it's important to space out each type of talent to create the best show possible. Don't group three jugglers together, or your audience will quickly get bored. Instead, mix the talent items up for maximum entertainment.

Create a master tape. Many of the acts in your talent show will require music, and it can be easy to get the different tapes and CDs mixed up. So take the time to create one master CD with all of the songs in order according to how they'll appear on the stage. Then create several more copies, in case you misplace the master.

Practice. Do as many dress rehearsals as you need to get your timing just perfect. Post the list of acts in order in various places backstage, so that everyone knows which act is next.

Relax. Once you're done organizing the talent show, you need to kick back and enjoy the show.

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