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How to Create a Cowboy Costume

Things You'll Need:

  • Bandannas
  • Cowboy Boots
  • Cowboy Hats
  • Country-western Shirts
  • Bob Wills CD
  • Country Western Dance Videos
  • Cowboy Costume

How to Create a Cowboy Costume. You can be a rough-ridin' cowpoke, a slick Old West cardsharp, or a Hollywood-style cowboy, but remember: A ten-gallon hat is a cowboy's best friend. Follow these few easy steps to help you achieve the cowboy look ideal for Halloween or a costume party.


Garage sales, tag and jumble sales, and thrift shops are indispensable for costumes. Also, fabric and craft stores, toy stores and costume shops are great for reasonably priced props. Tack and feed shops have the real McCoy if dressing cowboy - or cowgirl - is addicting. Cowgirls can wear exactly the same gear or any kind of full skirts or full-skirted dresses. Long, thin skirts are purdy too. Try petticoats or old-timey square dancing clothes as well. Too busy minding the ranch to pull all those costume items together? See the Things You'll Need list for ready-made options.


  • Get used to walking in boots if you're a greenhorn on a long trick-or-treat roundup.
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