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How to Make a Floppy Scarecrow Hat

Rich Ellgen/Demand Media

Besides the straw sticking out of the clothes, a floppy hat is what makes a scarecrow a scarecrow. Whether for a scarecrow costume, a garden scarecrow or a decorative Halloween scarecrow, the floppy burlap hat is essential. Unfortunately, floppy burlap hats are hard to come by in stores and online. However, floppy hats are quite simple to make. With basic sewing skills, some common sewing supplies, and a little bit of time, anyone can make a great floppy scarecrow hat at home.

Rich Ellgen/Demand Media

Cut out four triangles of fabric that are each 7 inches tall and as wide as the circumference of the scarecrow's head divided by four.

Rich Ellgen/Demand Media

Sew all four triangles together, side by side. This will form the base of the hat.

Rich Ellgen/Demand Media

Cut out a circle of fabric that is 24 inches in diameter. Cut out the middle of the circle so that the inside is just as big as the circumference of the base of the hat. This will form the hat's brim.

Rich Ellgen/Demand Media

Sew the inside of the hat brim to the bottom of the hat base. Hem the brim of the hat.

Rich Ellgen/Demand Media

Iron the seams and turn the hat right side out.

Things You'll Need:

  • Burlap fabric
  • Fabric scissors
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron


If the burlap is too uncomfortable for a person to wear as a scarecrow costume, line each piece with cotton or some other comfortable fabric before sewing the pieces together.

As an added embellishment, make a rustic hat band by wrapping the hat with raffia just above the brim.

To make the hat more rustic-looking, fray the edges and cut a few small holes in where desired.

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