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How to Make a Safari Vest

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Safari vests are a great accessory for many different occasions. They can be useful when hunting or fishing or as a safari guide costume for Halloween or a safari-themed party. Unfortunately, safari vests can be hard to find in stores. When you do find one, it may be too expensive. However, making your own safari vest is rather simple and inexpensive. With basic sewing skills and some common sewing supplies, you can make your own custom safari vest for any size and any occasion.

Cut out two pieces of fabric that are each 28 inches long and as wide as the widest part of your torso plus two inches.

Lay the two fabric pieces directly on top of each other, right sides together. Sew up each long side, leaving a six-inch opening at the top of each side for the arm holes.

Sew the top of the vest together, leaving a six-inch opening for the collar.

Cut the front of the vest all the way open by cutting a straight line starting at the middle of the collar and ending at the bottom of the vest.

Hem the collar, arm holes, bottom and front opening of the vest one-half inch. Turn the vest right side out.

Cut out a piece of fabric that is three-inches square. Hem the fabric piece one-half inch all the way around.

Attach the square to the top left of the front of the vest by sewing the bottom and two sides onto the vest (making sure to leave the top open). This will form a pocket. Repeat this process, placing pockets wherever you want them to be.

Things You'll Need:

  • Khaki fabric
  • Fabric scissors
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine


You may change the size and shape of the pockets to suit your needs

For a simpler and more inexpensive costume vest, use a brown paper bag and glue instead of fabric and thread.

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