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Things to Make With Minky Fabric

Minky fabrics are soft, microfiber fabrics available in a range of colors and styles. The name minky comes from the fabric's resemblance to mink in feel. While most commonly used for baby blankets, there are several different uses for minky fabric. Whether you have purchased several yards or are looking for a use for some minky scraps, there's all sorts of things you can make.

Baby Blankets and Quilts

Use soft minky fabric to make a baby's blanket or quilt. The soft texture will appeal to any new baby. Make a patchwork quilt out of several different colors and textures of minky fabric, or make a solid minky blanket with minky fabric on both sides or one side from minky fabric and one side in satin or another soft fabric. A combination of striped, polka dotted and solid minky fabric makes an appealing mix for a baby quilt.

Baby Toys

Use a pattern for an existing baby toy, such as a stuffed animal or set of cloth stacking rings, but use minky fabric for some or all of the material. Teddy bears with minky bodies or just bellies and ears sewn from minky fabric are soft and cuddly. Stacking rings, balls and other toys made from minky fabric will appeal to babies and toddlers' little hands. Handmade activity or tummy time mats benefit from a patch of minky fabric for babies to stroke and explore.

Baby Clothing

Use minky fabric to sew a super soft baby's bathrobe for a baby gift. Minky fabric also makes a soft fabric for a baby or toddler top or skirt. If you do not want to make an entire shirt or top out of minky fabric, cut out shapes from the minky fabric and applique it onto a shirt or onesie. This turns a basic shirt into a personalized, soft outfit and is a good way to use leftover minky scraps.


Minky fabric is usually too heavy to be used as part of a nursing cover, but you can sew a strip of minky fabric along the hem of a cotton nursing cover to give a baby something to handle and stroke while feeding. Minky fabric also makes a soft trim for homemade car seat covers or shopping cart covers. Sew a strip of minky on to a cloth diaper or burp cloth for a luxurious, soft burp cloth.

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