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How to Make Clothes for Decorative Geese

Copy a designer fashion for your decorative geese.
herdess and geese image by Valery Shanin from Fotolia.com

Making clothes for decorative geese is an innovative way to use up those bits of fabric that you don’t want to throw away, but can’t be bothered stitching together to make a quilt. Dressing your geese in clothes you make yourself can be an expression of your personality, a theme occasion or just a way to add some decorative color. Decorative geese are generally 23 to 26 inches tall and may be made of plastic or cement. They can be found in the house, on the patio or out in the yard. Bobbi Brooks, a dress designer, said “If you don’t know how to make your own patterns for geese clothing, you can use ones for dolls and simply modify them to not include the arms.”

Copy a designer fashion for your decorative geese.
herdess and geese image by Valery Shanin from Fotolia.com

Things You'll Need:

  • Bows
  • Lace
  • Bits Of Fabric
  • Buttons

Measure your geese, both height and width. Once you calculate the size, figure out if you are going to use material you already have or if you will buy new fabric for your decorative geese outfits. Using waterproof and weather-proof fabric for outside decorative geese will give you longer-lasting clothes.

Determine what sorts of clothes you want to make for your decorative geese. You can go for uniforms, individual outfits or a family look. Check the commercial sites if you want to get some ideas for, say, Santa clothes for your decorative geese.

Make, buy or download a pattern for your geese outfits. Adjust the size, if required, and carefully pin the pattern to the fabric.

Cut the fabric with sharp scissors -- dull ones will leave a ragged edge -- and leave about half an inch to spare, so that you have enough room to sew the seams. If you are making the same piece of clothing for a number of geese of the same size, use the first piece you cut as the "pattern" for the rest, for a better result.

Sew your geese clothes on your machine inside out and then turn them when you have finished. Consider hand-stitching materials, such as plastic for a goose raincoat, if the machine will leave too big a needle mark.

Get creative. Once you have made your gees outfits you can add buttons, bows or lace bits to give them a personal touch. Your own additions are best done by hand-stitching.


Start a decorative geese ideas file. Cut pictures out of magazines; snap photos of other people's geese outfits; download images from the decorative geese outfit sites. Peruse the glossy high-fashion books.

Dress your decorative geese in their new clothes and wait for family and friends to comment on their new look.

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