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How to Make Beautiful Hospital Type Gowns for Bedridden Patients

You can create something more attractive than a typical dull blue traditional hospital gown.
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Replace hospital gowns manufactured in sombre shades of dull blue or gray by making your own beautiful gowns. With custom hospital bed-wear, you or your loved ones get to heal in style. Stick with a traditional open-backed style to maintain the bedridden patient's comfort level -- and also for ease of use.

Choosing a Pattern

An open=back hospital can make certain treatments easier.
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A comfortable and attractive hospital gown begins with a pattern created to meet patient needs. Look for a hospital gown pattern with an open back. Pattern sources include free online versions or purchased sewing patterns. While open backs tend to create awkward situations for mobile patients, they simplify changing for bedridden patients. An intravenous line is another consideration when choosing a pattern for a patient's gown. If the bedridden patient wears an IV, the pattern must accommodate it by opening at the shoulder seams.

Choosing the Fabric

Make sure that the fabric is not see-through.
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Use washable, easy-care fabric when making a hospital gown. Look for breathable cotton or cotton blends in the patient's favorite colors and patterns with a medium thread count. If the bolt of fabric features a thread count label, look for 200 or higher. If the bolt features an unmarked thread count, hold the fabric up to the light. See if the light shines through the fabric. The light should be visible but not actually bright in the gaps between fibers.

Sewing a Custom Gown

Pin the pattern pieces to preshrunk fabric and cut the pieces out with a pair of sharp scissors. Remove the pins. Put the pieces together according to the pattern directions. Sew the pieces together, making a flat fell seam. A flat fell seam slightly reduces the risk of bedsores compared with traditional seams stitched inside the garment. Add hook and loop tape strips or thin snaps for closures on the gown's upper back and shoulder areas.

Embellishing a Gown

Increase the beauty of the new hospital type gowns by adding iron-on appliques for special touches. Choose at least two appliques that express the bedridden patient's personality. Position the iron-on decorations on the gown's bodice area. Set the iron's heat setting on cotton or cotton blend. Place a damp pressing cloth over the appliques. Press the iron on the cloth above the decorations. Hold the iron over the appliques for one minute and let the garment cool. Check the edges of the appliques. If the edges stick up, put the damp cloth back over them and press again.

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