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Handy Stitch Sewing Machine Instructions

Handy Stitch is a handheld portable sewing machine used for quick fixes and small projects.
spool sewing image by Aleksandr Ugorenkov from Fotolia.com

Handy Stitch by Singer is a small handheld portable sewing machine. Designed for quick repairs made right where the project is, the Handy Stitch can be carried right to the fabric needing work, like a set of curtains with a torn hem or pants in need of a fast hem while traveling. Battery powered and lightweight, the Handy Stitch is a simple design made for basic stitching and projects.

Open the battery holder compartment and install the batteries.

Replace a needle on the Handy Stitch if necessary, always using a Singer 1111 needle or DHx1 size 14 needle. Loosen the set screw with a small screwdriver and take out the old needle. The new needle must be installed with the flat side of the shank facing the front of the Handy Stitch. Insert the new needle and tighten the set screw.

Loosen the bobbin nut, and place the bobbin on top. Retighten the nut. If you prefer to use a standard thread spool, loosen the bobbin nut and remove the bobbin. Attach the spool pin provided with Handy Stitch to the bobbin shaft and place the spool of thread on the shaft. Attach the white spool cap to the top of the spool on the shaft and tighten. The bobbin or spool should always unwind facing the needle.

Thread the Handy Stitch by passing the thread from the bobbin or spool up through the two thread guides on the needle arm, through the tension control and down to the needle. Pass the thread from back to front through the needle, using the threader if necessary by inserting the threader through the needle, placing the end of the thread in the loop of the threader behind the needle and pulling through. Pull a couple of inches of thread out through the needle before beginning to sew.

Raise the needle by turning the hand wheel on the side until the needle lifts to its highest point.

Lift the presser foot gently by hand and place the fabric underneath. Don't push down on the needle arm. The presser foot has a spring tension to press the fabric down and hold it in place while sewing.

Hold the Handy Stitch with your right hand, placing your thumb over the power switch on the top to operate. Use your left hand to guide the fabric, and use the power button to activate the needle to begin sewing. To pivot the machine or turn a corner, be sure the needle is lowered down into the fabric, gently lift the foot and turn Handy Stitch to the new position.

Finish a seam by turning off the power, turning the hand wheel to lift the needle and pull the Handy Stitch away from the fabric slowly leaving about 3 inches of thread as a tail. Clip the thread to detach Handy Stitch. Turn the fabric over, and insert the threader into the last stitch. Place the end of the thread from that side of the seam through the threader loop, and pull the end through the last stitch closing off the loop. Snip and trim both tails of thread on either side of the seam.

Things You'll Need:

  • Handy Stitch and starter kit tools
  • 4 AA batteries
  • Screwdriver
  • Scissors
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