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How to Use a Singer Touch Tronic 2010 Sewing Machine

Using a Singer 2010 is like reliving a sewing breakthrough.
thread 3 image by askthegeek from Fotolia.com

Issac Merrit Singer founded Singer brand sewing machines in 1811 with a large machine that revolutionized the industry. Within two years of selling his machines, Singer became America’s leading sewing machine manufacturer. In 1978, Singer introduced the world’s first computerized sewing machine, called the Touch Tronic 2001. Introduced in 1980, the Touch Tronic 2010 was a later version of this computerized unit. While the machine may seem old and cumbersome to 21st century sewers, it was quite advanced when first released. If you're looking for a reliable machine, and a trip down memory lane, set aside an afternoon to enjoy using this Singer classic.

Place a spool of thread on the spool pin. Select the right size of spool pin by verifying that the diameter of the end of the spool pin is slightly larger than the spool of thread. Turn the hand wheel toward you to raise the take-up lever on the Touch Tronic 2010. Raise the presser foot and firmly lead the free end of your thread into the guidepost eyelet and under the rear guide located across the machine’s top slot. Be prepared to exert some force to thread the eyelet as is common with older machines.

Move the thread firmly into the tension disc on the right side of the machine’s tension separator. Guide the thread down the right channel and up through the left. Slide the thread gently through the slot near the left end of the machine and into the eyelet.

Lead thread from the take-up lever located at the base of the machine through the left channel once more, drawing it diagonally toward the end of the channel and then inserting it into the machine’s lower thread guides. Gently move the thread through the needle from front to back until about four inches of the thread passes through the eye of the needle attached to the sewing machine.

Prepare your machine to begin sewing by raising the bobbin thread. Raise the presser foot and hold the needle thread lightly in your left hand. Turn the hand wheel with your right hand for one complete revolution. You will see a loop forming at the needle plate.

Grab the loop with two fingers and pull it up gently. Set the needle and bobbin threads beneath the machine’s foot so that they are lying toward the back of the machine. Place fabric beneath the foot and begin sewing by using the machine’s touch pad to select the type of stitch you want the Touch Tronic to perform.

Things You'll Need:

  • Thread
  • Bobbin
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