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How to Install Bobbin Holders in Singer Sewing Machines

You can install the bobbin in your Kenmore sewing machine in a few simple steps.
Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty Images

It is essential that you know how to insert the bobbin into your Singer sewing machine to avoid jamming the machine while you sew. If you install the bobbin incorrectly you also run the risk of breaking the needle which will cause you to lose any sewing you have done. This scenario can get extremely frustrating and it can permanently damage your machine. Sewing machine repairs are often expensive so learn the right method to install your bobbin before you start sewing.

Rotate the hand wheel on the right side of your Singer sewing machine toward you until the needle sits at its highest position.

Slide out the extension table by pulling the tab on the bottom right corner of the machine toward you. Alternately, slide open the bobbin cover in front of the needle plate if your machine has one over the shuttle.

Turn off the power to your Singer sewing machine. Lift the tab up on the bobbin case to release the bobbin from the bobbin case.

Hold the bobbin case in your left hand, insert the loaded bobbin into the case with your right hand. Make sure the thread is set to spin out from the bobbin in a clockwise direction.

Pull the end of the thread through the slit in the bobbin case and then direct the end of the thread under the hook on the case. Leave 6 inches of thread trailing from the bobbin case.

Pull the tab up on the bobbin case and push the bobbin and bobbin case onto the shuttle.

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