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Problems With a New Bernina 830

Many sewers have had problems with the Bernina 830.
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The Bernina 830 is considered one of, if not the, premier sewing and embroidery machines available, as of 2010. It is a classic machine first produced more than 30 years ago and re-released in 2008. With a current price tag of more than $10,000, the Bernina 830 also is one of the most expensive sewing machines on the market. Unfortunately, even though it is one of the best, many sewers still complain of problems or difficulty getting the machine to operate properly.

Threading Problems

One problem with the Bernina 830 is with thread tension. The machine must be threaded properly in order to have the correct tension. Wait until the needle light comes on and the machine has stopped making any clicking noises before threading the needle. Also, be sure to note that there are two thread guides on the Bernina 830 and you have to go through both of them in order to obtain the proper thread tension. If you skip one of the thread guides, it can cause the thread to get drawn back into the machine.

Tension Problems

Tension problems with the Bernina 830 also can be caused by inadequate or improper oiling of the machine. Since this machine sews much more quickly than other sewing machines, it needs to be oiled more frequently. A good rule of thumb is to add a drop of oil after you use 10 to 15 bobbins of thread. Also be sure to only use the oil that came with the Bernina 830, as other sewing machine oils may not perform the same, including other Bernina sewing machine oils.

When to Service

Sometimes you may encounter problems with your Bernina 830 that are not an operating error and cannot be fixed at home, so you'll need to take the sewing machine to a Bernina dealer for service. Problems that would require a service call include: loud or unusual motor noise, timing, lopsided buttonholes or a consistent tight spot when manually turning the hand wheel. These types of problems require special tools or you might cause damage to the machine if you try to fix the problem yourself.

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