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Spartan Sewing Machines 192K Instructions

The Singer Sewing Machine Company was founded in 1851 by Isaac Merritt Singer (reference 1). His sewing machine was a success, so much so that the company was able to produce machines that were used in industrial and domestic applications. The Spartan Sewing Machine 192K is an example of why the Singer Company was able to endure.

Insert the needle into the machine by raising the needle bar. Turn the thumb screw to the left to loosen clamp. Slip in the needle so that the flat side points to the right. Seat it completely before tightening the thumbscrew.

Lift the lever to raise the needle. Put the spool of thread on the pin located on the top right of the machine. Pass the thread through the first loop, between the tension discs, up through the loop spring (the movable arm that goes up and down on the side of the machine), through the loop at the front of the machine, the loop at the lower front of the machine and the one located on the front of the needle bar, then thread the needle, from the left hand side to the right. Pull the thread through so that you have two inches of thread.

Take out the bobbin by opening the plate on the machine. Press down on the bobbin ejector so that the bobbin raises. Take out the bobbin.

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