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How do I Use a Brother Xl-5130 Sewing Machine?

The bobbin feeds thread up to the needle in a sewing machine.
bobbins image by Alison Bowden from Fotolia.com

Things You'll Need:

  • Thread
  • 2 pieces of fabric

The Brother XL-5130 sewing machine follows the standard layout for most sewing machines, allowing you to thread it from the top right of the machine and into the needle at the bottom left, through the various gears and components used to keep the right amount of tension on the thread.

It’s important to keep the thread from moving too freely so the stitches hold tight, but not so tightly that the thread breaks frequently.

Don’t forget to put in a bobbin loaded with thread that matches or compliments the spool on top of the machine.

Feed thread from the spool, around the bobbin tension disc, to the bobbin.

Place the bobbin on the bobbin winding shaft and shift it to the right.

Press the pedal to run the machine and fill the bobbin. The machine automatically stops when the bobbin is full.

Remove the shuttle cover on the front of the machine, near the needle.

Take out the bobbin case and place the full bobbin in the case. Replace the case, holding it by the latch.

Feed thread from the spool through the thread guide and tension discs, into the take-up lever and down into the needle.

Place your fabric under the foot, just below the needle, and lower the foot by pressing down on the lever behind and just above the needle.

Press the pedal to begin making stitches.


You can change the type of stitch, the amount of tension and the direction in which you sew by using the various controls located on the front of the machine.

Use scraps of material to test your stitches. It's easier to toss scraps than rip out stitches.


  • Keep your foot away from the pedal as you thread the needle to avoid accidentally stabbing your finger.
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