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How to Wind a Bobbin on a Singer 756

Winding a bobbin on a Singer 756 is a basic sewing skill.
sewing in purple image by robert mobley from Fotolia.com

Since the invention of the sewing machine in the mid 1700s, new and improved versions appear yearly. Garments and household items that were sewn tediously by hand are now completed in a few hours or days. Learning the ins and outs of a new sewing machine may require reading a manual to grasp all that the machine is capable of doing. Before attempting to use attachments, the basics of the machine, such as winding a bobbin--must first be learned.


Place a spool of thread on the horizontal spool holder on top of the Singer 756. Wind the thread through all the threading points--the thread guide on the top of the sewing machine, the tension discs and the takeup lever. Leave a tail of thread about 6 inches long to use for attaching to the bobbin.

Set the buttonhole dial to the OFF position.

Attach the general, special or straight stitch presser foot. Raise the presser foot to its highest position to release the tension on the thread. Use a needle that is larger than size 9.

Slide the plate that covers the bobbin toward you and check that the bobbin is empty of thread.

Set the needle position and stitch width dials to the straight stitch symbol.


Press the bobbin push button located to the left of the Singer 756 bobbin to engage the winding position.

Wrap the thread around the presser foot screw and hold firmly to the end of the thread.

Run the machine at a slow to moderate speed as the thread starts to coil around the bobbin. Pull the end of the thread away from the bobbin as the thread coils.

Stop the machine when the bobbin reaches the FULL mark on the outside of the bobbin.

Slide the plate that covers the bobbin back into place. Closing the plate will switch the Singer's push button to the sewing position.

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