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Micro Suede Sewing Tips

Micro suede is a synthetic multi-purpose fabric, known for its durability, stain resistance, versatility and reasonable cost. It resembles natural suede, and for those not wishing to use animal skins it makes an attractive alternative. Making some changes in your sewing agenda will allow you to create some attractive and useful items with micro suede.


Micro suede will not fade or shrink if it's washed in cool water or if a cool iron is applied. Before cutting the micro suede into a pattern, wash it several times in the washing machine with cool water and allow it to dry naturally. Before starting your sewing project, gently press the fabric with a cool iron over a press-cloth. If the fabric feels stiff, gently use a soft-bristled brush to make more pliable. Use very sharp scissors or special cutter to cut the micro suede.


For sewing-machine stitching, use a special heavy-duty needle that easily works on micro suede. Micro suede is made of polyester, so sew with polyester thread on your machine and in hand-stitching. Set your thread size to the largest stitch. Use a flat presser foot for seam-stitching and a roller-foot for top-stitching. If your sewing project requires a zigzag stitch, use the smallest stitch on the loosest tension. Stitch slowly to keep the stitches even and prevent thread breakage.

General Tips

Use paper clips or tape instead of pins to hold the fabric while sewing. Gently press each seam open with a cool iron over a press cloth for a crisp appearance. Make sure the upper and lower layers of the fabric stay together while using your sewing machine. .

Cleaning and Care

Micro suede can either be hand-washed in cold water or dry cleaned. Stains, if caught immediately, can be wiped off easily with a damp cloth. For most stains, dab with undiluted, gentle laundry detergent and rub with cool water until the detergent disappears. Use a lint brush or hand vacuum to remove pet hairs and other debris.

What To Sew

Micro suede is suitable for many home-decor projects. Curtains made of micro suede keep out the light and hold their shape. Make slip-covers for your furniture because they are easy to remove and wash. Micro suede makes a sturdy and attractive bedspread and dust-ruffle. Enhance your wardrobe with dresses, jackets, pants and skirts. If you are adept at sewing, tailor a man's sport coat and achieve the look of expensive suede. Micro suede is available in a range of colors.

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