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Directions for Making Braided Placemats

Braid fabric to create a colorful placemat.
braided rags image by Al Mueller from Fotolia.com

Braided placemats are simple crafts that can be made using scraps of fabric that would otherwise go unused. Completed placemats are durable and washable, making them ideal for family dinners. You can select fabrics in coordinating colors, or use a range of different colored fabrics for an eclectic look. If you do not have scrap fabric to use, you can purchase fabric at craft stores. You can coordinate your braided placemats by creating a braided table runner or rug from the same fabrics.

Braid fabric to create a colorful placemat.
braided rags image by Al Mueller from Fotolia.com

Things You'll Need:

  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Pins
  • Fabric
  • Thread

Cut the fabric into 3 inch wide strips and fold the strips in half lengthwise to hide the edges.

Select three strands of fabric and sew the ends together.

Braid the fabric by taking the three strands and moving the third strand (the strand on the right) over the middle strand and under the first (the strand on the left). The strand that started on the far right should now be on the far left. It may help to choose three different colored fabric strands to keep track of the braid.

Repeat the braid until all of the fabric has been braided.

Sew the end of the fabric braid closed.

Coil the braided fabric around one end of the strip. Continue to wrap the fabric around the end to form a circular placemat. Use pins to hold the braid in place.

Sew the placemat together by placing stitches in between the each side of the braids where they touch.


To create an oval shaped placemat, lay several inches of braid straight and wrap the remainder of the braid around the straight braid to create an oval.

To create a square shaped placemat, cut the braids into equal lengths and sew each end of the braid. Place the straight braids side by side and stitch to complete the placemat.

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