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How to Make a Baby Prayer Shawl

Baby prayer shawl
D.M. Davis

A baby prayer shawl provides not only warmth and comfort but special blessings for the infant. While knitting, you add your prayers or wishes for the baby who will receive the shawl. This simple pattern features a lacy look that comes from using two needle sizes. The stitch count and number of rows are based on multiples of three, a symbolic number for knitters of prayer shawls.

Baby prayer shawl
D.M. Davis

Things You'll Need:

  • Sport-Weight Yarn
  • Sizes 8 And 13 U.S. Knitting Needles

Say a prayer or blessing for the recipient before casting on. Your special message can be based on your own religious faith or simply reflect your good wishes for the baby.

Start knitting. Using smaller needles, cast on 120 stitches. Choose a soft wool, acrylic or blend yarn. You will need about 800 yards of yarn.

Begin pattern: Rows 1-4: Using smaller needles, knit Row 5: Using larger needle, knit Row 6: Using larger needles, purl Repeat Rows 1-6. End shawl with Row 4 of pattern.

Repeat your prayer, blessing or wish each time you pick up your knitting and begin again

Cast off when shawl reaches about 30 inches or desired length. Weave in any loose ends. Add fringe to both ends, if desired.

Say your prayer, blessing or wish for the baby when you have finished the shawl.


The finished shawl will measure about 30 inches by 30 inches. For a larger shawl, cast on more stitches in multiples of three.

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