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How to Knit Cat Booties

How to Knit Cat Booties. Clothes for your pet can be expensive, so many pet owners make the clothing for their beloved pets. If you know how to knit not only can you make booties for a newborn baby but you can use that same pattern for your cat.

Find a baby bootie pattern that you like. You can search the internet or knitting books for a pattern. You may even be able to find baby booty patterns at your local arts and crafts store.

Choose the color of yarn. Yarn comes in various solid colors but also in a variety of mixed colors, meaning one color follows a different color in a recurring pattern on the same skein of yarn. These types of yarns are usually coordinated in pastel colors or earth colors. They are not randomly selected colors thrown together.

Cast on, or form a line of 32 stitches. Knit row one through 16 and on row 17 and 18 bind off 6 stitches. Knit across from 19 and on row 20 purl, or reverse stitch.

Repeat the steps done for 19 and 20 for rows 21 through 30. On row 31, knit two rows together, leaving 10 stitches left. On the last row, 32, purl twice across the row leaving five stitches left.

Thread a 12 inch piece of yarn through the last five stitches and pull tightly to form the toe.

Fold the bootie in half and stitch the foot area. Backstitch three stitches to secure the side. Cut the yarn and start again on the other side of the bootie. Again, secure the side with three back stitches.

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