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How to Start a Dart League

Start a Dart League

Starting a simple to run dart league con be challenging, but it can be easy if you use the proper tools. Running a dart league requires dedication every week. Dart leagues usually run for twenty-six weeks for the winter league and ten weeks for the summer league. The organizer will need to keep money deposits, score records and print out weekly leader board sheets to be delivered to each team sponsor. The amount of time spent will be determined by the amount of teams as well as how many nights a week you run the league play.

Set up an excel spreadsheet with all the teams names. The spreadsheet will have a category for the team name, wins, losses, games played, percent of wins and forfeits. Another spreadsheet will have every individual player listed with the team name, the points per dart average, then categories for six, seven, eight and nine dart out rounds. The spreadsheet also needs a column for wins, loses, hat tricks and assisted wins.

Set up a twenty-six or ten week schedule that says where each team plays each week. The schedules are set up so that every team plays a different team every week and then it starts the cycle over again until the season is finished. If there are an uneven number of teams, there will be a bye week.

Every week the visiting team to the home team will drop off the score sheet with the money from the game for that given week. The money goes to the bank for the end of the year party and prizes.

Enter all the information from the score sheets into the excel spreadsheets accordingly. Once this is done, the organizer will make a team standing sheet or leader board sheet that is given to each sponsoring establishment to post.

Steps 3 and 4 are repeated every week until the season ends.

At the end of the season, a bust up party is planned where food and drinks are served by using the money that was taken in during the season. This is where prizes are given out for first, second, third and forth place teams. The individual players also get a prize for best shooter and the most wins. Teams are also given a sum of money for the number of wins.

Things You'll Need:

  • Sponsored Teams
  • Excel Spreadsheet
  • Score sheets
  • Party planning skills


Keep accurate records for future reference. Keep money in a bank account.


  • This takes a great deal of time to organize and run.
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