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What Can You Use for Markers for Bingo Games for Kids?

Creative marker choices will add excitement to even the plainest bingo cards.
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From preschool children to senior citizens, everyone enjoys a game of bingo. While ink -based markers are easy for older children and adults to use, they can lead to a mess when given to younger children. Instead, use small objects as to mark squares when playing bingo with young kids.

Birthday Parties

Include bingo as a party game for the next birthday party you host. Pieces of brightly colored metallic confetti can be used as festive bingo markers for any birthday party. For themed birthday parties, use bingo markers inspired by the theme. For example, at a princess party you could use plastic craft jewels. Gold doubloons are perfect for a young pirate’s party. You can also download and print pages containing a repeating image related to your party theme. Cut the images out for instant bingo markers.

Holiday Parties

Since bingo is designed to be a group game, it is ideal for class parties. Use markers that coordinate with the holiday your class is celebrating. For Valentine's Day, use paper hearts. Use red-and-white striped peppermints for Christmas parties. A hole punch can be used to punch paper circles in colors that correlate to any holiday. For example, punch orange and black circles for Halloween, or red, white and blue circles for Independence Day.

Edible Ideas

Use edible bingo markers to make the game even sweeter. One or two large bags full of small candies will supply enough markers for an entire classroom of children. The kids will be excited to use the candy markers, and you will not have to print, punch or cut out markers. Dried fruit, such as raisins or banana chips, can be used as a healthy alternative.

Distributing the Markers

To make distributing the markers easier, separate enough markers for each child into paper cups. Provide one marker for each space on the card for each child. A game that is three rows by three columns requires 9 markers per child. It is a good idea to include a few extra in each cup, especially if you are using edible markers.

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