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Tumbleweed Crafts

Use yarn as a material when making tumbleweed crafts.
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Perhaps you're teaching about the features of the desert landscape, or maybe you're throwing a western-themed party; whatever the reason, you can easily create tumbleweed crafts to tie into the activity you are engaging in. With some basic supplies and a bit of creativity, you can craft those balls of weeds and grass that are the quintessential representation of a barren landscape.


Use markers to create drawings of tumbleweeds. Select markers in a few different shades of brown and use them to draw continuous circles, one on top of the other, onto pieces of construction paper or poster board. These tumbleweeds can be an accent to a desert picture, or you can make large tumbleweed, cut them out and display them on a wall as an accent for a play, a party or any desert decor.


Fashion moveable tumbleweeds out of balloons. Inflate white or brown balloons with air, but be careful not to over-inflate as they will be more likely to pop. Cut several lengths of yarn in different shades of brown. Cover the surface of the balloon with glue and place the lengths of yarn onto the balloon until it is completely covered. Alternatively, you could dip the yarn directly into craft glue and then press it onto the balloon. Once your tumbleweed balloons dry, you can suspend them from a ceiling or place them on the floor and allow them to roll around aimlessly, like real tumbleweed.

Paper Bags

Instead of trashing brown paper grocery bags, fashion them into tumbleweeds. Stuff the bags with wadded up pieces of paper and use glue to seal the top of the bag down onto one of the sides, creating a ball of sorts. Cover the surface of the bag with strips of torn brown paper and pieces of brown yarn. This tumbleweed craft is best used as an immobile prop for a play or a party, as it provides the look of tumbleweed but will not move freely.

Paper Plates

Pull out some paper plates and transform them into tumbleweed crafts. Color the front and back of a paper plate with brown paint, crayons or markers. Once the plate is colored brown, glue pieces of brown yarn and hay onto the front and back in a haphazard manner. These crafts are easy to make and are ideal to use as an extension activity when teaching about desert landscapes.

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