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Crafts on "The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe" for Kids

Aslan kills the White Witch to end Narnia's winter.
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Many children and adults enjoy C.S. Lewis’s “Chronicles of Narnia” series. The first book of the allegorical series, “The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe,” introduces readers to Narnia, Aslan the lion, the White Witch and the four children who come through the wardrobe from England into Narnia. Crafts can help kids remember the details of the story.


Aslan the lion sacrifices his life for Edmund. He represents Jesus in the allegory, and resurrects after the White Witch kills him. Children can create various lion crafts that remind them of Aslan. On a clean white t-shirt, have the child use brown fabric paint to create a circle of hand prints with the fingers together, pointed to the outside. When the paint dries, paint a lion face in the middle of the hand prints. Alternatively, create a lion’s face on a paper plate, gluing strips of brown and yellow yarn around the edges for a mane. Add wiggle eyes, nose, mouth, ears and whiskers to the center of the plate.

Narnia's Eternal Winter

When Lucy, Susan, Edmund and Peter enter Narnia, they discover a land locked into eternal winter as long as the White Witch rules the land. Have kids repeatedly fold large sheets of white paper in half and cut out shapes to create snowflakes. Alternatively, glue a small irregular piece of white Styrofoam to the center of a baby food jar lid. (Make sure the lid will still screw on.) Poke small twigs painted white into the Styrofoam. Make a lamp post out of clay and a small piece of dowel and stick it into the foam. Fill the jar three-quarters full of water and add crumpled crumbs of Styrofoam and two tablespoons of glycerin. Place a tin line of epoxy on the top edge of the jar and screw on tightly.

Gifts from Father Christmas

Father Christmas gives Lucy a healing potion and dagger, Peter a sword and shield and Susan a summoning horn and a bow with arrows. Make Lucy’s healing elixir by filling a very small bottle with water and capping. Add a cord looped around the bottleneck. Alternatively, draw a mural of the kids with their gifts on a large sheet of paper.

Symbols of Royalty

Edmund and Peter become kings and Lucy and Susan become queens after the White Witch is killed. Use construction paper or card stock to create crowns. Decorate your crowns with glitter, markers, acrylic gems or beads. Alternatively, use a paper-covered paper towel tube to make scepters. Glue half a Styrofoam ball to the top of the tube and paint it gold. Decorate the scepter with glitter, acrylic gems and markers.

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