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Christian Crafts for Kids About Judging

Use crafts to remind children not to be judgmental.
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Judging others, although harmful, is something that most people do. From the Sermon on the Mount to parables and other teachings of Jesus, Bible stories that warn believers against being judgmental are plentiful in the New Testament. Christian crafts about judging will help remind children that Jesus wants his believers to show compassion and forgiveness and not be judgmental, just as they do not want to be judged by others.

My Golden Rule

Provide each child with a wooden ruler or yardstick, gold-colored string or plastic lacing, index cards, hole punch and washable markers. Discuss the golden rule found in Matthew 7:12, in relationship to judging others. Allow the children to use the verse to make their own 'My Golden Rule' plaque to hang up at home.

Each child writes the verse "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you", on index cards. They may choose to write one or two words on each card. Help the children line the cards up in the correct order of the verse. Punch a hole on top of each word card, thread string or plastic lacing through it and tie it to the ruler or yardstick.

Mirror Reminder

A plaque that kids can attach to their bathroom mirror will remind them of the importance of forgiveness. Each child cuts a 4-by-6-inch rectangle from craft foam or heavy colored paper and decorates it with markers.

In the center of the rectangle, write this verse from Matthew 23:35 "Forgive your brother from your heart." The verse comes from the parable of the two debtors about judging and forgiving others. In place of the verse, the children may write, "Do not judge others." Use items such as markers, stickers, decorative craft scissors, glitter, and small foam shapes to decorate the plaque. Encourage children to tape their "mirror reminder" to their mirror at home.

Forgiveness Stone

Help the children remember the lesson Jesus taught about judging others by creating a forgiveness stone. Tell the Bible story from John 8:1-8 about the teachers who brought a sinful woman to Jesus and stated that she should be stoned to death.

Provide large stones or bricks, acrylic or tempera paints, craft brushes and clear acrylic spray. Each child paints a stone and decorates it as she desires. Along the side of a brick or on a smooth part of a stone, the children can paint words, such as the entire verse or the Bible story reference (John 8:1-8) or a short phrase like "Do not judge" or "Whoever is without sin be the first to throw a stone." When the paint is dry, children may coat their Bible craft with a coat of the clear acrylic spray.

STOP Sign Keychain

Cut an octagon (the shape of a stop sign), measuring about 4 inches across out of red craft foam for each child. Each child write this phrase "Before I judge others, I will STOP and pray." on the sign with white gel pens or markers. To complete the craft, punch a hole near the edge and thread plastic lacing or leather strapping through it to form a loop. The kids can use the completed craft as a keychain, hang it from a notebook or display it at home.

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