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How to List Deceased Grandparents on a Wedding Program

A wedding is an opporunity to honor family members, both living and dead.
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A wedding is an event which joins together not only two individuals, but two families as well. While it is customary to mention the parents of the bride and groom in the wedding program, grandparents can be honored too. Even when grandparents are deceased, the wedding couple may wish to remember them in the wedding program. Commemorating those who have passed away is a thoughtful touch and can be done simply and easily.

Design a draft version of your wedding program without mentioning the deceased grandparents.

Sit down with your partner and look over the program, finding the section to insert the memorial lines. According to The Knot, the final page of the program is a frequent choice to do so. MonogramWedding.com suggests memorializing deceased grandparents at the end of the program.

Draft the words you want to use for memorializing the grandparents. For example, "Today we remember those family members who are with us in spirit" and then list the names of the grandparents and their relationship to the bride or groom. Other options include "In remembrance of" or "In Memoriam" followed by the names and relationships.

Include a photo of the grandparents and an inspirational quotation, religious verse or sentimental poem or story for the final page to memorialize loved ones.


Deceased grandparents may also be remembered with framed photographs, a prayer or a candle lit in their honor during the wedding ceremony, or with an empty chair decorated with flowers at the reception.

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