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Fun Seminary Games

Students learn biblical scriptures through seminary games.
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Scripture mastery is an important element of the educational programs in seminaries. Students learn the characters and the stories of the scriptures and understand their significance and meaning. The seminarians also memorize the scriptures and learn where to find them in the Bible. Games can aid in learning the biblical scriptures. These games can be played by individuals or in teams.

Scripture Pictionary

Based on the party game, the players try to guess a word or phrase from their teammate's drawings. Create a series of cards containing words or ideas from the scriptures that players have to guess. Include different categories, such as people, events, stories, quotations and places. Divide the players into two teams. One team player takes one of the cards without showing it to his teammates. He then announces the category and draws it. If his teammates cannot guess the answer in a specified amount of time, the other team can make a guess. Whichever team guesses correctly gets a point.

Slam Dunk Scripture

Give players a quote from the scriptures. The first person to find it in the Bible receives one point and a chance to shoot a ball into the basketball hoop. If he scores, he receives an additional point. An alternative is to play this as a team game; everyone on the team has to be open to the correct page to win the point.

The first person in the group names any biblical person. The next player has to identify another person whose name starts with the last letter of the previous name and play continues in this manner. For example, Jesus -- Saul -- Luke -- Eve. For an additional point, each player must give one fact about the person he names. Players can receive bonus points for stating additional information about each other's biblical person.

Serial Scripture

This is a team memorization game. Divide the players into teams of four people. Assign a different scripture of four to eight lines to each team. Give each individual the same amount of time to memorize his scripture text. Ask the members of one team to stand in a line, then randomly rearrange their order. The person on the left end of the line must say the first line of his team's scripture. The next person says the next line and the play continues, circling back to the first person if there are more lines than players. The team scores one point for each correct line and three bonus points if they complete the entire scripture.

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