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How to Play the Bible Challenge Board Game

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The Bible Challenge board game is both a Bible studies teaching tool and a fun diversion. By taking a series of questions spanning each book of the Bible and inserting them into the context of a traditional board game, the Bible Challenge game will fit just as easily into a classroom as it will into a game room. With a simple set of rules, the game can be learned by just about anyone. Whether the players have a legitimate interest in the Bible or simply a competitive spirit, they will get the opportunity to learn and have fun with the game.

Choose game pieces for each player in the game. Place each piece on the “Start” rectangle. The board is divided into rectangles, each representing a different book of the Bible. The rectangles are separated by colors: green, blue, yellow, red, purple and gray.

Draw a card and ask the first player the question on the card. If they answer correctly, they roll the dice and move the designated number of spaces. If the player lands on a gray rectangle, they must move to the space listed. For example, if they land on the space “Go to Ruth,” they move forward three spaces.

Repeat Step 2 with each player. If they answer their question incorrectly, they skip a turn and do not move forward until they give a correct answer.

Complete the game when the first player reaches “The End” rectangle. They must reach on an exact roll. This means that if they are three spaces back, they can only advance on a one, two or three. If they roll more than three, their turn is skipped until all the other players have taken their turns. The first person to reach “The End” is the winner.

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