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Big Boggle Rules

Big Boggle is an alternate version of the traditional Boggle game, produced by Hasbro. The game differs from the original Boggle in that it has a 5x5 grid rather than a 4x4 grid, allowing players to find more and longer words. The game combines elements of classic word searches with speed and quick thinking.


Players begin a game of Big Boggle by covering the plastic tray and shaking up, or “boggling,” the letter dice. The shaker should let the letters settle so that only one letter appears in each square. Someone starts the timer provided by the game, and all players begin writing down as many words as they can find among the letter squares.

Valid Words

While the original Boggle game allows three-letter words, Big Boggle requires a minimum word length of four letters. Players must string together adjacent letters in the correct order to create a word. Letters that neighbor each other horizontally, vertically or diagonally are considered adjacent. Players cannot use the same letter cube twice in one word. Players can, however, write down multiple versions of a word, such as the singular and the plural form of the same word. For example, a player can write down the words “line” and “lines.” If the same word appears twice on the board, however, it only counts once. Proper nouns or words in foreign languages do not count.


After the allotted game time has passed, players take turns reading aloud the list of words they found on the board. If any two players have the same word, they both must cross that word from their list. Players can also contest the validity of a word and verify its existence in a dictionary.

Once players have completed this process, they add up the score of the words remaining on their lists. A four-letter word earns 1 point, a five-letter word earns 2 points, a six-letter word earns 3 points, a seven-letter word earns 5 points and words with eight or more letters earn 11 points. Participants continue playing for as many rounds as they want, and the player with the most points at the end of all rounds wins.

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