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List of Board Games That Are Like Charades

Christian board games are as fun as they are educational.
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Charades is a popular party game for all ages. Players write various words on papers, and players select one at random, silently acting out the word with gestures and movement. If you're looking for a more structured version of this game, several companies make board games that tweak or invert the format of charades.


Guesstures is a straightforward charades game packaged as a board game. It includes cards, a timer and a trophy for the winner. A player sets the "action timer" and acts out as many cards as possible before the timer runs out. Team members try to make sense of as many actions as possible in order to win. After the game finishes, the winning team is awarded the "Best Performer" trophy. Guesstures supports four or more players.

Reverse Charades

Reverse Charades is an inverted version of the party game. In this game, multiple members of one team work together to act out a word on a card. The sole remaining team member has to guess the word. The game is suitable for children or adults, and cards can even be used to introduce new vocabulary in classroom settings. Reverse charades is also available as an app for smartphones. A portion of every sale is donated to children's hospitals.


Cranium is a popular board game in which players attempt to make their way around the board and to the goal. Along the way they will have to answer questions, draw pictures and, like charades, act out the message printed on game cards. This game even includes molding putty to create sculptures of printed messages. There are several versions of this popular game, including children's versions, versions featuring popular licensed characters and versions with different rules.

Catch Phrase

Catch phrase combines charades with hot potato. Players hold a disk with words that they wordlessly perform. Every time your team guesses correctly, the disk is passed to the other team. If anyone on your team gets caught with the disk in her hands, the other team gets to move forward on the board. This game is suitable for four to 10 players older than 12.

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