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How to Install a PS1 Game Shark in a PS3

Game Shark is a custom cheat-code device and software designed to work with several gaming devices, including the Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) gaming device. The device is a sister to the Pro Action Replay device, which is primarily used in Europe, while the Game Shark is distributed in the United States. The process of installing the Game Shark CD-ROM software onto your PS3 is fairly straightforward.

Insert the Game Shark CD-ROM into the disc slot in the front of your PS3 gaming console.

Press the “Power” button on the PS3 to turn it on.

Scroll through the XMB main menu to the “Games” option; press the “X” button on your game controller to select it.

Select the Game Shark option under the Games menu, then press the “X” button to load it. You'll see a listing of game cheats on the default screen. Select a desired game cheat in the listing; select it by pressing the “X” button on your game controller.

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