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How to Enter GameShark Codes for the PS1 on the PS3

You will need the CD version of GameShark for it to be compatible with your PS3.
Thinkstock/Comstock/Getty Images

The GameShark is a third-party peripheral that has been in use since the PlayStation 1. The device allows you to enter a number of cheat codes that would not be accessible for the game without the assistance of the device. If you own a PlayStation 3 that is compatible with the games from the PlayStation 1 generation, you may want to use your old GameShark device on the console. However, because the consoles have two different ports, the only GameShark device that is compatible with it is the CD version of the software.

Insert the disc into your PS3. The device should automatically recognize the disc and start your console.

Boot the GameShark disc by navigating to the "Games" column and pressing the "X" button on the disc. The GameShark menu will load, the same as it would if you were to load it on an original PlayStation.

Press the "X" button on the game to which you would like to add codes. A list of already-listed codes will appear.

Press the "X" button on "Enter New Code" at the top of the menu. An input screen will appear.

Enter the code you want to use and press the "Start" button to save your code. The code will automatically be added to your list of the specified game.

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