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How to Change Your Controller Sensitivity Levels on PS3

The PlayStation 3 system comes stocked with Sony's DualShock controller. Older PlayStation 3 systems featured the Sixaxis DualShock 2 controller, while newer systems feature the upgraded DualShock 3. Both controllers feature extensive analogue sensitivity settings that can be utilized by the video game programming. There is not, however, an option to modify the controller sensitivity at the system level. Instead, the option to change controller sensitivity is generally included in most video game options menus.

Turn on your PlayStation 3 system, and load the main system menu, known as the XcrossMediaBar, or XMB, menu. Navigate to the "Settings" tab, located second from the left on the XMB menu. In the "Settings" tab, navigate down to the option titled "Accessory Settings."

Select the first option in the "Accessory Settings" menu titled "Calibrate Motion Controller." This option will calibrate your DualShock controller to default settings, which will reset the sensitivity settings if for some reason they were loaded improperly upon system startup. Additionally, you can modify the keyboard and mouse sensitivity settings in the "Accessory Settings" menu, if applicable.

Insert your game disk into your PlayStation 3 system. Select the game icon from the "Game" tab, located four places to the right of the "Accessory Settings" tab. Wait for the game to fully load, then select the game options menu. Generally, this menu is accessible from the main video game screen. It will likely be labeled "Game Options" or "Game Settings."

Select the option to modify the controller sensitivity settings from the menu of options. Generally, this option will be titled "Controller Settings" or "Sensitivity Settings." Most games offer a numerical slider, with a default sensitivity set somewhere in the middle. Lower numerical settings will decrease the controller sensitivity, while higher numerical settings will increase the sensitivity. Access this sensitivity menu during gameplay by pausing the game and selecting the "Options" or "Settings" option from the popup menu.

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