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Scrabble Junior Instructions

Entertain little ones by playing Scrabble Junior.
scrabble about image by Bionic Media from Fotolia.com

Scrabble Junior is a board game designed for children ages 5 years old and up. This letter matching game prepares little ones for the adult version of Scrabble by using letter tiles to create kid-friendly words. With a double-sided playing board, 101 letter tiles and 44 scoring chips, kids can expand their vocabulary and spelling while playing this entertaining game.

Separate the letter tiles and scoring chips into two piles. Place letter tiles facing down in a pile to draw tiles. Draw 7 tiles. Have each player draw the same amount. Pick a player to go first. Turn your tiles face up.

Match letter tiles to the letters printed on the game board. Players rotate in turns. When it is your turn, match 2 of your letter tiles to the letters on the board. Tiles can only be placed in order of the word. For instance, for the word "water," the letters "w" and "a" must be placed first in order of the word.

Draw tiles. After you have played your 2 tiles, draw 2 more from the pile. If you can only play one tile, choose 1 tile from the pile. If you have no playable tiles, you must exchange two of the ones you have with two different ones from the pile.

Complete a word. The aim of the game is to place all of your tiles in order to form a word. Once you have completed a word, you may take a scoring chip from the scoring pile. After all the letter tiles have been played, the person with the most scoring chips wins.


Block your opponent by completing words that he has started. This will stop him from getting a scoring chip.

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