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How to Play Doodle Dice

Think you're a master doodler? It's a little harder when you're working with a set of dice and 65 colorful cards. Doodle Dice is easy to learn and fun to play. It combines the luck of the draw with spatial relations skills to create hours of family game play. Next time your family or friends sit down for game night, you may just find yourself doodling up a storm with this addictive matching game.

Things You'll Need:

  • A Doodle Dice Card And Dice Set
  • Two To Six Players, Ages Six To Adult

Take one card of each color and place them face up and side by side in the middle of the table. This set of cards is known as the gallery. Shuffle the remaining cards and place them face down, creating the draw deck.

Draw a card from the draw deck. Place this card face up next to the gallery cards.

Roll all of the dice and then try to arrange the dice in order to recreate one of the doodles pictured on the face-up cards.

Roll the dice again if you do not have the pieces needed to match one of the doodles. You can roll again twice, for a total of three rolls. If you are unable to construct one of the doodles with three rolls, you lose your turn.

If you match one of the doodles from the gallery, you can take that card, beginning your set. The object of the game is to collect one card of each color. Once a player has one card of each color, he or she is declared the winner.


At the beginning of his turn, a player may choose to take a card from another player's set. He can only do this if he announces it before rolling the dice. In this case, he does not take a card from the draw deck. Once he takes the card from the other player's set, he places it alongside the gallery cards already in play.

There are also two additional types of cards in the deck: The "Free Roll" card and the "Block a Turn" card. The "Free Roll" card allows a player one extra roll above his allotted three rolls for a turn. The "Block a Turn" card allows a player to prevent an opponent from taking a turn.

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